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I was pretty angry about BB10 on the Playbook and expressed my disappointment to someone who writes BlackBerry apps (freelance.) He explained that the Playbook simply doesn't have the RAM built in that the BB10 OS needs. Unfortunately, BlackBerry isn't being very good about this, and isn't signalling what sort of make goods, if any, it is willing to offer to Playbook users.


I like and use my Playbook and want it updated. Do something right blackberry.

Adam Sandbag

Quite right Chuck, and thank you for understanding QNX (BB10) drives the PlayBook. Why so few people understand that, I'm not sure. Plus I also can't understand why they continually assert they're a "Mobile Computing" company, like that's some sort of new market or thing, I don't know. Anyway, you're right on the money, this "mobile computing" vendor of sorts, has literally been creamed by iPad sales totalling over 150 million units since it's launch, clearly demonstrating there is a market for tablets, also known as, mobile computers. By terminating the PlayBook tablet line, this company just proved they're not as serious about "mobile computing" as they'd have us believe. As for the 9720, what the heck is that all about? Good grief, is BB10 the future or isn't it? So I may be a monkey's uncle, but instead of launching a new, errmm, or old, errm, instead of working on and selling a Java BB 7, here's an idea, why not put all their time, energy, and money into a new BB10 model, or just make the existing ones better? Talk about mixed messages there, wow, way to help convince people BB10 is the way to go. Apparently not, apparently there's a shiny new 9720 coming soon, and only while supplies last! Or until the next new BB7 comes out? Good grief BlackBerry, and for what it's worth, I typed this message from my PlayBook.

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