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Well how much more time do they need? They spent years working on it, months and months talking about it to their customers and to the press who gave them a ton of media coverage, and all that before it even saw the public light of day. They stagger launched it January 30th, and therefore had a full quarter to sell both the Z10 and Q10. So again, how much more time do they need to make an impression? Because it seems to me like they already had a captive audience, and those folks simply aren't impressed. Samsung sold 10 million S4 units in 4 weeks! Wow, and that was just in April/May, so customers were out there shopping for smartphones, people were buying. So why should we believe they just need more time, I thought the last delay was to get the product just right, and that they wanted to avoid selling during the festive season in order to steer clear of all that "noise" in a crowded market. So they had time, they had lots of time. This request for patience, and the assertion it's still early days, merely sounds like a prayer to me, a prayer of hope. Like a new movie during opening weekend, early box office results are the best indicator of long term sales and licensing. Flop during the opening weekend, and you're doomed. That's what I think is going on here, and they're more than welcome to prove otherwise. How much more time do they really need? Seriously.

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