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January 26, 2011



You know I had a lot to say on this one and then my browser failed and all my erudite pro-Raider lyricism was gone. Gone. Poof. Like a Raider playoff game in the seventies.

They did have the dominant regular season record in the seventies and one might argue that they were unlucky with several playoff outcomes. Hey, they're your kinda guys. But I'm sure the NFL films Raider stuff, once amusing, is now becoming lore. Such is the power of repetition and selected narrative angles.

Saskatchewan 1970 (14-2). Minnesota 1998-99 (15-1). Two that come to mind immediately; powerful uncrowned teams. There are several others. How about your 1988 Argos. Fourteen and four. Gilbert Renfroe and so forth.

It's an interesting point to make regarding injuries. How about unlucky absences? Barrett Robbins' absence in 2003 arguably cost the Raiders a Super Bowl. Five interceptions from an otherwise outstanding offence. Gannon suffered the loss of his chief block-caller. The centre. Ah this was so much more articulate the first time. But hey.

Did you know that Al Davis is a tee-totaller? Just an aside.


But the Raiders had the best record of all teams in the seventies and one might argue didn't have luck on their side in the (many) playoff losses.

Beyond argument, you say. Hmm. The 1970 Saskatchewan Roughriders come to mind immediately as do the 1999 15-1 Minnesota Vikings. There are others. Regardless, an interesting point.

IF we want to talk about injuries I might add unlucky absences to the list. Barrett Robbins absence for the Raiders in the 2003 Super Bowl arguably derailed the Raider offence, their strength and led to five Gannon interceptions en route to a 48-21 loss that I will never get over. Different game if your starting centre, the guy that calls the blocking, is in there.

Asterisk games. Also worth a study. We'd need a small staff for that one.

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