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December 15, 2008


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^beat Denis Morris in the finals***

any one forgetin that GRCI beat Denis Morris in the st catherines tourny the other week? GRCI is so underestimated

Where is Blakelock from Oakville, by far Halton's best team

back to the teams to win the tourny...id say forest heights, or sjam from waterloo depending on if the sjam caoch rolls 2 lines like he did for most of the game for bluevale, and other than that idn much about the other teams in it...

Isn't this supposed to be a high school blog? None the less Halmo is a goof, I watched him in Owen Sound fight Della Rovere and got pumped, maybe he should just give up fighting and stick to hockey...then again I dont think he would be where he is if he stuck to hockey.

mascioli definately went to get repairs..he went to the box with about a min left int eh 5 minute penalty....nice try tho...and he didnt even connect with halmos face, so idn how it wud be his teeth...i agree mascy won i guess? for maybe landing the most punches to the helmet? but if he cant get it off and shit pumps a visor? does that really count? when halmo connected it was to his face since he got bucky off early, so pretty sure he shud get the win...

Considering Mascioli went to the box and then was on the second shift after the penalty was over I am pretty sure he didnt need any repairs and if he did they were probably from Halmos teeth.

buddy masciloi made halmys east the boards then jumped him, its not his fault mascy deosnt know how to rip a bucket off, soo pretty much his 5 mins of haymakers only messed up his knuckes, and halmos 10 second punhces sent mascy tot he dressing rooom for repairs...

I thought it wasn't cool to try in hockey? Didn't you say that it was a 'proven fact'?

Obviously, you weren't trying in a fight ... nobody would do something crazy like that!! Or is that the best excuse you have for losing?

Real men take their helmets off before they fight.

Ha wasn't even trying till then end, that might have been because you couldn't get a shot at him? Mascioli would take you any day bud and you know it. I give you alot of credit though for standing up to him, he is a tough kid.

umm use your name befor you chirp bud and i wasnt even tryin in that fight til the end wen i took him down...and my face really got knocked in since my helmet was still on :S

WCI just got pumped by Grand River today. I thought the Vikings were supposed to be a decent team but they got outplayed the entire game. Grand River is better than people may think and definetely have a shot again this year. As for the Vikings its going to be a long season if they play like that, they really dont have much of a chance this year, better luck in the future.

"unreal" I guess thats why hockey is a team game right?

pretty sure the first line just tied bluevale by themselves...the first line was +4 in a 4-4 tie...pretty sure if they had any help they would be the top team....

haha maybe its the same Mike Halmo who got his face knocked in while fighting Mascioli of the Rangers last week! Ha that could be why he is very wrong about SJAM. They do have some talent but not nearly the best first two lines, there are way better teams than SJAM out there, maybe he should tak a look at the others before jumping to conclusion.

who does Bluevale have? Chevy a wahsed up jnr. B allstar? growup u probs havent even seen sjam play? although they do suck this year, there top line i def wouldnt say top 2 is unreal...but still Bluevale clearly is better since all 4 are solid

haha SJAM certainly does not have the best 2 lines in WCSSAA, that would have to go to either BCI, GRCI or FHCI. In my opinion after seeing all these teams play, I would have to say BCI, they are skilled throughout their top 3 lines, given that they have weaknesses. However all of those teams in WCSSAA are good, look for St. Marys (Pickering) to walk away with the trophy

forest heights is def looking like the strong leader heading in to this comp. but mike halmo has a point. SJAM once again has probly the most talented forwards, although they are lacking in the work ethic category. proably the best first line and maybe second aswell in wcssaa. weak defense will pose a problem. but if they roll 2 and play consistint they could easily put mckerly in there trophy case!

the tourny comp looks alrite this year i would hav to say the favorite is sjam this year...ive had a chance to see them play a few times already and ther first 2 lines are amazing! They lost a couple already but its cuase those top two lines dont like to try very hard but can you blame them? With the loads of talent up front on this team they could go all the way its jst the question do they feel like winning on thurs and fri

This is probably the best or at least among the best Ontario high school hockey tournaments. Scouts show up every year from the Junior loops, college and University. Bishop Mac should be good again, Forest Heights will likely be the regions best chance. An out of town team always surprises though.

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