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January 19, 2012


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This all comes down to the catholic schools wanting full funding for education and to have a separate system but when it comes down to things like sports they want in on the public schools system for competition. You can't have it both ways. Sure the kids want to play each other but the people higher up have to combine the boards first. Once its done and we have one school system in Ontario we can also combine the sports leagues . . . unfortunately we know that's never going to happen.

You could still send teams to CWOSSA with a combined league that is tiered. I'm sure all the intelligent people that are running the leagues could figure out a way to pull it off.
Meanwhile, I've talked to girls from Rez and SJAM that wish they were playing in the same league and I've talked to boys from tiny Woodland Christian that wish they were facing Grand River and Forest Heights in volleyball every year. Ask a St. Benedict football player about the game that mattered most last season and it was their game with Jacob Hespeler.
And yes, I realize the debate has strayed a bit.

Football is different. There is not a "AAA" or "AAAA" CWOSSA for football. One team from one region goes to CWOSSA.

@ WCSSAA coach...Yes, they are two different leagues but they shouldn't be. That's my point.
There's more to it than simply sending teams to CWOSSA, isn't there?
What about competition?
Funny you should use the phrase "That is sport."
Is it "sport" seeing Resurrection and St. Mary's winning basketball games by 60 points?
There are similar blowouts in WCSSAA leagues as well.
It's not perfect, but the tiered system used in WCSSAA football attempts to address that issue and I really haven't heard too many complaints about it.

@ Mark, they are 2 different leagues. The top AAA team moves on to CWOSSA from each league. Unfortunately, this year WCSSAA gets the raw deal. In AAAA, maybe D8 gets the raw deal.

As I said before, this happens in all sports. Look at different divisions in baseball. American League East teams suffer because of the strength of the Yankees and Red Sox. Maybe the Jays are better than someone in the West, they don't get to go to the playoffs?

There is no way to ensure that the best teams from Brantford, Guelph, Cambridge, K-W all get to their respective CWOSSA's unless you create a committee to rank and invite them. Then we would be arguing about the politics of that system!!!

CWOSSA is ensuring fairness to all over the long run, not season by season.

@ WCSSAA Coach -- Everyone is going to have an opinion on this one and I obviously disagree with your take on it.
Let's stick with triple-A basketball, for example.
If the seasons were over today, Huron Heights wouldn't qualify out of WCSSAA because a weaker team from D8 gets the spot. How is that right?

Mark, I think that this occurs throughout sport. Across the province there are many leagues separated based on geography or public/Catholic. This creates opportunities for different teams to win championships and then move on to regional and provincial competition. If we combined WCSSAA and D8, we are taking that opportunity away. In WCSSAA, we already have an unbalanced schedule, so we don't get to play everyone. Adding more teams would enhance this problem and take one less championship away.

As far as the inequity of better AAA teams in WCSSAA or AAAA teams in D8, that varies each year. You can't change qualifying rules each year based on who is better. This happens all the time in NCAA. There are lots of teams that don't make the basketball NCAA tournament that are better than teams that have qualified by being the best in their league. That is sport!!!

@Mark I don't think the feeling is mutual. And in one sport where they are combined many would prefer they were not.

@Goran...I can tell you that I have talked with many coaches and players from Catholic schools that would rather see one umbrella organization.

@ Rob...totally agree.

Why is it the Catholic schools want to have their own little, itty, bitty leagues (many without any competition) when they could be playing with the "public" schools in a bigger, more competitive forum? Don't tell me that more religious values are passed on in "their" basketball games then in "ours"?

But hey- aren't the D8 schools all in WCSSAA football?

Well,we can look at D-8 senior volleyball as well. A losing record team will also be going to single A CWOSSA for the girls no matter what happens for the rest of the season. As for your question about a WCSSAA team that's better than a D-8 team..that was left in the hands of the decision makers years ago when they split the boards for most sports. If you ask me they should all be playing each other like it used to be when you and I went to school. This way none of these questions would arise...ever again!!

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