High School Sports blog: Semifinal matchups are set in WCSSAA football

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November 01, 2013


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why dont you guys report on Jr football? its pretty sad you dont even make an effort to cover it !

Actual score was Elmira 26
Eastwood 14.

Just wondering - the original schedule (print version) published by WCSSAA had the semi-finals on Wednesday, Nov 6 and the finals on the following Tuesday. If the semi's are being played on Friday, does this mean that the finals will move as well.

It looks as though the Rez vs Jacob final everyone has been talking about since early in the season is taking shape. In semi final predictions I think that Jacob will have to wait another week before facing their first test of the season. Elmira does not have the pass defense to shut down Jacob's high powered offense. Jacob has given up only 13 points all season and their Defense should have no problems shutting down the relatively one dimensional Elmira attack.

Rez vs SJAM should be a closer game, however, I think Rez is too deep for SJAM. They have 2 solid running backs and probably the best big play WR in WCSSAA. SJAM is always tough in the playoffs, however, this year Rez is the superior team and should come away with the victory this team in a rematch of their last years semi final.

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