High School Sports blog: Popular Jacob Hespeler teacher battles cancer -- #prayforHatter

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February 27, 2014


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My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. It has been many years since I worked at Jacob Hespeler as a community police officer but the one thing I remember was the amazing respect all the kids have for you! Whether I was in the school playing floor hockey with the kids or working patrol in Hespeler, the kids always talked about you and looked up to you. You're an inspiration for your profession and to the community and kids you serve! Hang in there and keep your head up!

Gerry Christopher

I am JHSS alumni. I don't remember Coach Hatt from when I was there, but the hawks stick together!!! Our thoughts and prayers are with the Hatt family!!

Thinking of all of you and looking forward to seeing you back on the Hawk's turf in the fall! Lots of love from the Carmichaels

I had the pleasure of attending JHSS and Hatter's love of people, life and sports are an inspiration! My family's thoughts are with you and your family. Tackle this Mark...Hatter Strong!

you & your family are in our prayers, you can beat this!! Love you, but I do not look good in Black & Gold.

my thoughts and prayers are with you Hatter, you are a strong man and you WILL beat this! #HatterStrong

Mr. Hatt.,
You were one of the most influential teachers I have ever had. I have so much respect for you even years later. You taught a lot of us a great deal about fitness and nutrition but also about life.
Can't hear "you've got the right to party" "thunderstruck" or "save a horse ride a cowboy" without thinking about you.
Hope the best for you and your family.

I don't pray but I'll say a prayer for you.

Thoughts and prayers are with you hatter!!!
#hatterstrong #class of 07

I'll support the Bruins just this once Mark, (pathetic canucks fan) Ron Schippling. Stay positive bud. On behalf of all of us at Cameron good luck taking this on.

I find the outpouring of from the JHSS students to be inspiring. There are a great bunch of kids there. Mark Hatt is part of the reason that there is. Be strong!

The McCormick family are praying for you and your family at this time, we are also send out healing energies to all. Thank you for being a great coach and role model to my son Erik. He is a better person because of you. He looks up to you and I am glad. Think of this like a football game....play hard, hit hard never give up. Miracles happen as we have seen in our family.

Hang in there Mark. I tell people all the time that other than a short period in Palestine about 2000 years ago there has never been a better time in history to get an unwanted medical diagnosis. Literally, today is better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better still. Praying for you and your family, brother.

Stay strong Mr. Hatt! Praying for you and your family during this time.

Mark, I believe in a God of miracles and I am praying for
one for you. You are well loved by a multitude. Praying
also for all the family.
Blessings, Nancy White

A quick update -- I received a text message from Mark on Thursday night, saying he truly appreciates the support from the Jacob Hespeler community and beyond. Feel free to drop a line of good wishes here and I'm certain Hatter will see it.
There is also a Facebook group up and running.

You are strong and resilient, Hatter. Our family's thoughts are with you and yours.

Positive thoughts & heartfelt prayers going out to you & your family, Coach Hatt. You've been & continue to be an inspiration to my nephews, Karl & Sean, thank you for that.

Hang in there Mark. Praying for ya.

Stay strong!!! my heart and prayers go out to you! 🙏 #HatterStrong 💪

Our Blessings go to the entire Hatt family. Stay strong Mark.
Kerry and Richard Hertner

Anything the Hatt's need, Hawk parents will be there!

Our thoughts and prayers are with Mark and the Hatt family @ this very difficult time.

Terry, Renee, Maggie and Curtis Stone

Oleary PEI

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