High School Sports blog: CWOSSA takes one step in the right direction

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March 05, 2014


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Perhaps onliner has hit the nail on the head. As much as it will be perceived as "unfair", maybe these kids should not be allowed to play for both high school teams and club teams. Unfortunately, this situation doesn't just arise with two (or more) sports. Look at the stories we hear every year of "dedicated" student athletes abandoning their playoff games at the last minute so that they can attend their proms. This isn't a criticism of their "choices", but it certainly doesn't help in the promotion of high school sports or, more importantly, the other team members who choose not to go to the dance or participate in other activities that conflict with their school games.

Having outside coaches tell students they can't play puts the students in a tough spot. These players made commitments to 2 teams and when they are put in this situation of not being allowed to play in one of the biggest games of their high school careers they are forced to let down there team mates. We are talking about 14-18 year olds, I am sure they can handle playing 3 games in one day if need be.

I agree with Mark and Goran. I really don't mind that AAA hockey players are not allowed to play for their school . . . at least its level across the region. In the girls situation it sucks for the other girls on the team when the "best" players bail out on their team mates to go play rep. This also happens in soccer. Some rep coaches allow their players to play while others do not allow their players to play. When it comes time for the high school play-offs some coaches then tell their players they can't play because they have a rep game that night. This happens every year. High school sports will always be second fiddle to these players, coaches and some parents. Its too bad that these players miss out by not playing with their friends and when they have the full support of their school. Case and point . . . the senior basketball finals at Cameron. All those students rushing the floor after the game! When does that happen at a rep game?

Mark: As usual, your comments are quite accurate and well researched (wish the rest of the Record would be so thorough). But what this tells me, is what I have always believed, that high school sports really DO come in second place for many to most student athletes involved in club sports. Is it fair to the other players and schools? No. But it does shine a rather bright light on the "importance" of extracurricular school-based activities to some kids. Probably more so to their club coaches. School sports will always come second for these kids... which is too bad.

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