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Thank you for sharing. I ntioced a similar symbology in a new surfs movie billboard in los Angeles. The Scottish smurf, or at least the one wearing a kilt with red hair, has a blue puff ball on the top of his hat. It is the only one with such a top hat and it's folded forward hanging perfectly where the minds eye of the chakra would be, for the third eye.

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I love this manga. Sometimes though I think they would have less problems if they were both more honest with each other. While their stubbornness is attractive and cute, it leaves them both feeling insecure. Plus, neither will say that they are in love, which kinda annoys me. They have this whole "I am a man, emotions are for girls" kinda thing going on. It's like they can't be honest without feeling weak. Lululemon Outlet http://lululemonyogaclothing.over-blog.com/

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