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July 14, 2010



Powering things by magnetic induction still induces drag on the wheel the magnets are attached to. On the plus side, there's no mechanical losses in the system, like on those old dynamos, so it's small enough that you don't notice it.

Basically, all of the power to run your lights gets sucked out of the wheel. Thus saith the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Luckily, modern LED lights don't require very much power to give decent illumination.


Hi David,
Of course you are correct: there is some drag effect, which is particularly noticeable if you mount the generator unit to close to the magnet (go slowly enough and have enough flex in your spokes and the magnet will actually stick to the generator). It is marginal compared to the dynamos of yore: engaging them was like pedalling uphill. And of course, since Reelights are always "on," you can't compare engaged and disengaged when you're on the road.

Jason Light

Why is it that I haven't found one up to this day. The concept is great. I'm tired with the battery operated bicycle lights. I want something like this. Hoping to find one.

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