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June 25, 2012



What better charge did you have in mind?

Evan Rosamond

Better charge? What's wrong with criminal negligence causing death?


Manslaughter, maybe? The driver did kill a guy, after all. Is there not at least a careless driving causing death?

Bill, I'd be very interested in reading an article explaining why Police didn't press any more serious charges. Is it lack of evidence? I also wish the police could explain what Barrie could have done differently or how anybody but the driver is responsible for the death.

Frank Xavier

It is a positive step that a charge has been laid. Whether it is criminal or not has importance but so is honouring the wishes of Barry's widow who expressed strong view that there be no charges laid. Mr. Wideman has had a devastating experience, it didn't end his life but it sure ended it as it had been. He will never be the same again. It is more important to stay on the macro end of this tragic event. Get the community to recognize that all people's lives need to be respected regardless of whether they are walking, riding a bike or driving a car. All lives have equal value. It is all about a respect life campaign. In this case, it is not about fighting a disease, it is about changing our selfish behaviour towards one another. Punishing one individual will not much change make. Recognizing that a broader attitudinal change has to be promoted would be a major victory.


Just as a measure of comparison, the OPP this week charged a fellow OPP officer in Brant County with careless driving after his side-view mirror clipped a cyclist, doing minor injuries that were treated at the scene.

Dave Brubacher

Careless driving causing death would be a good charge. People need to start being held accountable for their actions. Lets set an example.

J. J.

The Police investigated and this is the charge they laid. It must be the correct charge based on evidence collected. Maybe the cyclist swerved toward the car by accident and the collision occured. If you were not there you don't know. The police have laid the charge they think the accident warented. It has nothing to do with the value of the life of a cyclist. Not all cyclist obey all the rules of the road and risk their lives and the lives of others everyday. This cyclist may not have been one of them but the police investigated the accident so stop trying to make it about something other than what it was.

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