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January 01, 2010


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Yikes! I could never make myself do this. I will be sorry to see the end of your Grand adventures.


I think you must be brave in order to jump in this cold water !! Nice pictures by the way !

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Wow that would be FREEZING!

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Here, I wish you all a round their friends network beautiful dream!

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I wish all a great new year...

and for all those people who swim in polar waters to celebrate the new year... well.. hope for health because If I dfo that.. I will get a cold.. a bad one..

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Happiness serves hardly any other purpose than to make unhappiness possible.

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That's freaking crazy I cannot even be out of my house in winter without a blanquet so how could I do this!!?? That's the weirdest thing that I have never seen before. Who wants to have hypothermia purposely??

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Lions Club has a very interesting way to raise money for their cause although i may have to say a little extreme but i guess is how much it means for them to do something like this that is called love for what you do and it takes alot of guts.

Jeremy Bissonnette RMT

It does seem a little crazy but people have been practicing this for centuries all over the world. It actually has great benefits for the cardiovascular system.



Those guys should be crazies! I can not believe how there are persons able to swim in this lake in christmas time, I mean, can you imagine how cold the water must be?

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These are really cool. I can't believe that even old guys can swim and not get a heart attack.


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What a fantastic post

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