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Thanks Fracas I will put the IP in the mriooatden box good plan These idiots certainly do suck up time and energy!


Sylvie I use both the .com and the .org Wordpress, and so I went into my fraccers setnitgs to see if I could help you with this:-I also looked in my Wordpress setnitgs to see if there was anything else I could do to block that particular IP. There is the option to block certain key words but not the IP in comment setnitgs, pressing the option Discussions gave me access to a Comment Blacklist box where I simply added all the creepy words from the content of that particular comment.Going via Dashboard Settings Discussion, the instructions for the comment moderation and the comment blacklist options read as such:When a comment contains any of these words in its content, name, URL, e-mail, or IP, it will be marked as spam. One word or IP per line. It will match inside words, so press will match WordPress .You should be able to place the IP address the comment originated from in the blacklist box, or if you choose the moderation box. Because you may have legitimate users sharing the same block of IP addresses as the offender, you might prefer to place the IP in the moderation box rather than the blacklist, so that you have the option of checking the moderated comments and saving legitimate ones. Placing all the words to the post was a good plan, but I suspect that the chain thing was the result of a teen and so likely that person is on the receiving end of tons of that garbage and will be back with a different one. Putting the IP address in the moderation block will probably be more helpful to you than placing all the words of the offending spam. And thank you for noticing my point. I know without a doubt, that teens believe in this stuff. My teen's friends really believe all that Bloody Mary' stuff. I think it's important to realize it's likely the result of teens online with no one guiding them. I guess if more people were interested in those tips for parents I used to write, we wouldn't be seeing so much of this kind of stupidity. Hope that helps. I've gotten used to getting nasty comments. Sometimes I block them, sometimes not. So far, the only person to be blocked for good from fracas, is that fellow who argued that anyone who thinks eating disorders are real is a pig who wasn't bred sufficiently or educated sufficiently. LOL. I just got tired of him. He sucked up too much of everyone's time.

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