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A woman who goes to an emergency room in the mildde of labor will not be turned away. However, you won't get away from the bill entirely. They will bill you wherever you live. You can work it out to pay by installments. I suggest that your wife not travel to another country so close to her due date anyway. That could put unnecessary stress on her and her baby. Postpone the trip if at all possible.


Heavenly Father, I come to you on behalf of sweet Abby. Father you know her suenfrifg and pain, please Lord ease it for her. Father grant her healing, rest, and strength to endure. Lord we are seeking you for healing for this sweet child, we ask you because we know that you alone can heal. We ask Lord, because we know you can do imeasurably more than we can even ask or imagine. Father, please pour out your spirit upon her family, especially her parents. Father grant them the grace to endure as well as peace and rest in you. Give them the energy to continue to stand by Abby. Lord give your church the wisdom to know how best to serve this family. Lord we jst ask you to move and bring full healing to this sweet child.

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