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October 04, 2010


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I am a teammate of Santi Almada and pleased he got mentioned we have a great team this year and should be able 2 compete with eastwood for that sec ond staight championship!

Great idea,

This is exactly the problem in Canadian sports. We accept mediocrity and have a tone of excuses why this is so! "If you chase perfection, you will catch excellence." If you accept mediocrity, you will get nothing but the cellar. Are you there to be accountable to everyone and more importantly your self and chase excellence in whatever you do or just to say that you were there and give me some more excuses about why you failed?

There's no bias at all. Varga really is that good. I mentioned the name of 20 athletes in two top-10 lists. Not sure what you want. I do welcome the feedback though.

Fair Game,

So your list would make them accountable..? To whom? Some angry tool on a blog. That should have a huge impact.

I kinda agree with Rolihlahla because Mark sounds like a big fan of Varga and that's cool cause I'm too. But try to be less bias because you're a reporter or a blogger whatever you call yourself.

@FairGame, Is this an excuse to do a poor job, because if it is you should go and do exactly the things that you list.

Just because Varga is good, it doesn't mean you have to mention him all the time. There are plenty of great athletes out there, why not spread the love around a bit more?

@Fair Game - wow. I guess you don't realize how all the coaches are volunteers; keep in mind they don't get paid. I'm sure they could have better things to do during the week after school and on weekends at tournaments, like, oh, spend time with their families.

I'm curious Rolihlahla. Have you ever seen him play? There's not a coach in the league who wouldn't want Varga in his backfield and there's not a player in the league who wouldn't want him as a teammate. A talented player and an even nicer guy. What's the problem?

I'm very proud to see my son's name in such great company. Thank you!

'Just a game', thanks for saving me one comment.

'Rolihlahla', please remember Varga is just a kid, and it seems he's a very good athlete. If that's the case, he deserves to be here. I'm assuming you're a kid too, remember this is just a blog about sports and don't let the envy consume you.

maybe he should post something about ignorant comments. there's no point in highlighting a fault that the person is clearly aware of. yes refs, coaches, admin, and reporters may make mistakes but so did you on October 04, 2010 at 03:22 PM by posting. But we forgive you :)

Maybe we can rename this blog "The Varga Report"

How about adding a worst of the week column? This would be good to make some people accountable for their actions. Examples would be refs, coaches, administrators, reporters etc.

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