High School Sports blog: Good times at Père-René-de-Galinée; St. David remembers former students

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February 08, 2018


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Thanks. Love reading your reports. Just don't need to see the same stuff day after day :)

I will pass the comment along to the people that make far more money than I do. Thanks for the feedback.

Glad to see this team do well. Question: WHY, now that it is February 12, is this story STILL on the Record's "pay me or you can't read this" website? I know it isn't your doing, Mark, but why on earth would we pay to read the same (excellent) story for 5 days??? Please share that with the people in charge. Oh, and I noticed today that I have to pay to read the online Record, but I still get full screen pop up ads for free. How nice. Allez-y Chevalières!

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