High School Sports blog: Late recognition for WCSAAA's top football players

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January 10, 2019


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Seriously? Year after year, The Record has shown up to take all-star photos and we're lucky if half the kids show up. Why should we waste our time if it means so little to the students? The spring of 2018 was the final nail in the coffin and WCSSAA has only itself to blame. Of the photos we took, four boys showed up for the soccer photo, four showed up for the girls rugby photo, five showed up for girls slo-pitch and eight showed up for girls soccer. We had a solid turnout of 15 for boys rugby but then again, there are only three teams in the league.
By the way, Convenor, did it ever cross your mind to send out the all-star information to the media, rather than expecting the media to chase you for it? My email address is very easy to find.

Hey WCSSA, how about sharing this information with the various media outlets so that these players can get the recognition that they so richly deserve. That seems like a no brainer to me and should be a priority in all sports. Then there should be some follow up to make sure that the information was shared with the public. Thanks

List would have been given to the record if they had interest in attending and posting the all star photo. An email would have got this list right away too.

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