High School Sports blog: Three District 8 basketball teams duke it out for one CWOSSA berth, while Eastwood looks to be a lock

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January 18, 2019


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I agree, Mark. The best teams should always compete for championships, and the current format doesn't always seem to allow it (in the last handful of years, anyways).

I get the district representation aspect, but why not have 2 "wild card" entries (from any district) for an 8-team draw?

Furthermore, why give Owen Sound an automatic berth without a "play-in" game? At the very least, they should require that to get in. I think their Senior Pool games the last couple of seasons have all been 30-40+ point blowouts, and this year should be no exception given their performance against other schools in the BAA (a traditionally weak league when compared to K-W/Guelph/Brantford)

Everything in high school sports is cyclical. Over the last 20 years, we've seen periods where Brantford, Guelph, KW Public, and KW Catholic have all had periods with very strong leagues and are deserving of an extra entry or two that season at CWOSSA.

There needs to be a little bit of flexibility in the CWOSSA tournament to allow for it to be the best competitive tournament it can be, while giving deserving athletes at least a shot at an OFSAA dream.

I get that but it doesn't make it right. Why send a bad WCSSAA team to CWOSSA over a better team from District 5, 8 or 10?

Mark, CWOSSA is like OFSSA with representation from all Districts. Since WCSSAA represents two districts they are allowed two entries if they have at least five teams. Even in OFSAA some years some very good teams in some sports get left out since they are in the same association.

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