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You should run for peeisdrnt of your local union. Als, I would like to say, first I appreciate your blog, especially the first letter to Hier Walker intensely. Secondly, I have high regard for you because you chose to continue with teaching even though you seem to have ability to seek higher income (I personally think you should seek those higher incomes, because well, the people of Wisconsin deserve to ly in the beds they made for themselves and losing quality like you may serve some purpose of that sort). I am a telecommunications technician, I'm in a union, I'm from Duluth. Mostly just wanted to say I appreciate someone like you who can articulate an argument. Good luck to you and don't let your students forget to analyze and keep asking themselves over and over as they witness class warfare around them why both sides fought so hard for what they wanted, maybe not neccesarily what was right but why they were so partison in pursuing there respective positions.

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