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I DO enjoy this aesthetic, takes me back to a time where I gobeod out on the likes of Glider. Clicking those links to learn more.Videos are so convenient for showing off in-dev progress like this e2€” it's silent too, which makes me wonder where the sound is. For the artier crowd, I know Vimeo is popular, but YouTube's HD mode (when you need to scale that large) is better (and free to embed).


Your ex is apparently a itllte anal retentive. I'm sure he'll tell Gabriel that Santa doesn't exist before he's 4, because God knows how many kids that bit of misinformation fucks with.I also have a shitty car, since I decided I couldn't afford to write and pay a car lease. I feel your pain.On the bright side, you have glorious boobs. :-)

Ken F

The Hawks' defence was simply awesome!

Neate Sager

Can someone tell Ms. Twitvet it's Golden Gaels?

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