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it could take 2-3 weeks for it to come in. We couldn't cnache it. We had to resort to Wal-Mart. The other issue is, his ring he has now is Titanium and cannot be sized. So he wears his ring on the right hand, not his left because it will not fit on his left hand. We never got another ring, because life simply got away from us. I was very busy with work and school in the fall, now we are both very busy. I would love this ring so, Rick can wear it on is left hand and I can finally look down and see a ring on his left hand!Favorite Heidzilla Post: I love all the how to's but my favorite lately has been the review of CC's wedding. What gorgeous flowers!! I love the groom's cake!What would I like to see more of: Wedding reviews! I know those are coming up as wedding season starts though. Even though I am married I still love seeing what other people did and had at their weddings!May 1, 2009 5:01 am


ends! (and yes, I am the pot Will you always be my ketlte?) Remember when you both first fell in love with Park City Your Honeymoon all those many, many years ago! So now that you're home (how ever short lived that may be!) when can we play?! (don't think I won't come over & staple gun your foot to the floor!!) Tee hee!! Love you, love B, and adore your Littles DPS~ they will ALWAYS be your Littles! Even when we're packing them off to college (gasp!) xoxo


Becky Kellar is also a grad of Laurier!

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