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I think of, and we speak of, Fred ALL the time. No pet will ever compare to him. Same goes for your Sneakers. There is this one photo that I took of Fred back in high soohcl that I still treasure to this day. I would have done anything back then to have photos like these our furbabies are always a part of us. xxoo


whatever hpepans sometimes it's just out of our hands and believe me it's never a easy decision. Always remember all the wonderful moments that you spent with Max and the great care and love that you gave him. Your bond together will never be broken and whenever the time comes to move on just be assured that the rainbow bridge is there waiting for all of us. I'm so hoping that all works out for you and that Max is OK. I love you .Your animal mentor Auntie Toota

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Amazing to read about to condolences to the family of the late Rich Nichol,the facts are really impressive to examine.


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Christine Rivet

No worries, Peter. I feel grief-stricken because of Rich's untimely passing, too. He won't be forgotten.

Peter Brown

Christine, thanks for the response. Comment boxes are very tempting and don't have a drafts folder. One of the stages of grief is anger, they tell me, and it's gotta go somewhere. Knowing that you had been ill, I wasn't terribly shocked to find no story in Saturday's edition. When I saw your blog post, I raced to conclusions. My apologies.

Christine Rivet

Peter: I understand you are hurting. That UW story was already in the can. I wanted to take the proper time to write something meaningful about Rich Nichol for our print editions after my lengthy illness. It's coming.

Peter Brown

Glad you had space to mention Rich in your blog, Christine, rather than in the actual newspaper. I mean, we wouldn't want to miss another 600-word story about the 4-16 Warrior women's basketball team and all of the progress that they're making.

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