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October 14, 2007


Alan Medcalf

How to get motorists to (re-)read the Handbook?

How about this? Any time a motorist is found guilty of a moving violation, he/she is required to re-write the test. A high score would be required (say, 95%), or license would be downgraded to "G2" and the person would go through the "G2" to "G" process all over.

Any motorist found guilty of an offense which gives rise to demerit points would be required to take both the written and on-road test, and pass both with a high pass threshold.

Again, failure to pass would result in a license downgrade to "G2", and the process starts over for them.

Think of this as "driving probation".


Frank Xavier

I agree 100% with Alan. In fact I would move the re-testing formula to across the board for almost all offenses except the most minor.

In my opinion, most of the problems on the road are a result of incompetent drivers displaying increasing impatience and disrespect. Respect for other drivers is also a concept that would be nice to see inculcated into the instruction manuals.

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Bill Bean

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