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May 10, 2008


Cindy & Norm Forget

Hi, we met up with Mr. Parker again today, April 12, 2009, just outside of Brockville, ON on Hwy 2. We put him up for a night last winter when he started his first trek across Canada. He remembered us as the people from Lanark who fed him the roast pork. Amazing memory considering he must have several people in the meantime. I guess my roast pork had an impact.

Brenda Ingram

Bill Parker is staying with us as we speak. November 22, 2009. We live just outside of Cambridge at Clyde. He arrived this afternoon from Brantford. He is going to spend the night in our RV. We had a nice supper, he did some laundry, he has a nice chicken sandwich for his before bed snack. We will serve him breakfast in the morning, pack him a lunch and then he is off toward Orangeville. Intersting fellow, very knowledgable and polite. You just never know who might ring your doorbell!


Now, that is amazing that Bill Parker is still on the road. Someone should do a feature on this cyclist.

Syl and Steve Pauls

We had Bill stay at our place in Beaverton Ontario yesterday, April 19th, 2010. Very polite and congenial. Definitely interesting. We weren't sure whether he needed a place or could afford to stay somewhere. He helped us out a bit with some outdoor stuff we were doing when he arrived. He happened to come on the day we were cooking a turkey so we all 3 enjoyed a great dinner together and he left this morning after breakfast with a turkey sandwich for his lunch. Bill was headed down to Toronto via backroads. We pray he stays well and safe - not too many camping spots for cyclists in the city.

Angela Patterson

Bill is staying with us tonight at our farm just south of St Marys, in a trailer in the back yard. Unfortunately the wind has slowed him down today so he had to stop mid afternoon. He has been very polite and as the previous posts suggest he is full of information and stories. A really nice guy and neat to listen to. He had supper with us and anticipate some coffee conversation in the morning. Good luck on your travels Bill!

Cheryl Wykes

Hi we meet Mr. Bill Parker April 16,2011 we are in a small town called Athens Ontario. It was pouring rain and l saw the bike sitting in front of Main Street Pizza so l spoke with him he spent the day at the restaurant then spent the night with an employee.We have't seen him yet today l think they made merry last night.Good luck

Barry  Breen

Renfrew Ont.
Had the pleasure of meeting Bill on Hwy#60 still going to Niagara Falls and then Newfoundland.Donated for the trip and arranged a sleepover at a friends place.Bill slept on my Buddys couch and was a little upset because my Buddys cat also shared the couch.Bill heading down HWY 41 GOD BLESS Barry Breen

Ed & Marjorie Hoekstra

Aug 15-16, 2011-Dunnville, ON
Bill arrived late Monday afternoon, and entertained our family with his travels to date...and enjoyed a good home cooked supper with us. He slept in a trailer in our yard, and after an early start & hearty breakfast, he headed off to the town of Dunnville before making his way to Brantford, Ontario.

Happy Trails Bill!

Terry and Sharon

June 12, 2012 Creemore, Ont
I just saw this e-mail today and the most ironic thing happen. We got a knock on the door and it was a guy on a bycicle wanting to sleep in our shed???? Not knowing it was Bill Parker we allowed him to stay after hearing his insane story about bicycling across the country from Edmonton. lol Reluctantly we allowed him to stay, he said he would be gone by 6am. Being in the counrty we were a little leary as strangers just don't come knocking on your door when you live in the middle of no where. Had we known about his story being true we would have given him a bed and food. However he was quite content with the pop we gave him and sitting on our dock watching the sun set before going to sleep. It would be intresting to know if he made it to Newfoundland and is now on his way back as there has not been any more comments since "Aug 2011" in any case happy trails.

Larry Thaxter

November 20th, 2012, Bill is still going on his cycling adventure! He stayed with us last night in Woodville, Ontario. He showed up at the doorstep yesterday afternoon explaining his story and asking if he could stay at our place, which seemed a little strange as we are in the middle of nowhere out in the country! but we fed him dinner and let him stay in our spare bedroom for the night, We served him breakfast this morning and then he was off on his journey to Lindsay "to see the town" and then said he was heading towards Bancroft! Good luck on the rest of your adventures Bill!


Apparenly Bill Parker just showed up at our house outside of Orono, ON asking if he could pitch his tent ... I'm a little dumbstruck but feel a little lighter after reading this thread ... stay tuned!


Billy came by my friends place in Oakville yesterday. We put him up in our school bus RV. He's planning on navigating the waterfront trail through Burlington today eventually getting to Niagara. Then I believe he's heading North to Thunderbay or something.

Best of luck Bill!

Ron and Bev

December 15, 2012, Pelham Ontario
We had the privilege of having Bill stay at our house last night. We had a very enjoyable dinner with him as he told us intersting stories about the places he has been and the people he has met. His memory is incredible. He left us this morning and is planning to make his way the Niagara Falls. Good luck Bill and happy trails!

laura jennings

So Bill Parker was knocking on doors on my road last night in our rural community. Something that simply doesnt happen out here! As I was bringing in groceries from the truck I hear this guy across the street introducing himself as an athelete and explaining his story. He has no money, his bike is broken and he is making his way up the Northbay to see a guy about some business. He asked my neighbour if he could spend the night on the property. So naturally, my first reaction, go inside and lock the door! Mike comes home and heads over to the neighbours too see what the story is. In the mean time I google Bill Parker and found this, I called the number and spoke with a lovely gentlemen who is following Bill Parker's road trip. Bill has been living on the road and biking since 2008! As night falls he either hitches a ride or starts knocking. This Man lives his life relying on the kindness of others. After reading some of the comments from thoes who have hosted Bill inthe past, I was a little less reluctant to help the man. Lone behold, he spent the night inthe house up the hill (not currently occupied) I
provided a warm meal, gave him the comforter off the bed and offered a pillow. He managed to snag Mikes last beer ( which is an incredible feat all on its own!) and he even managed to talk his way into taking the entire front wheel off of Mikes new Bike so he could continue on in the morning. So, if Bill comes knocking, don`t be affraid, yes he is a little socially awkward, a strange but very kind man. Dont be put off by his way of simply coming out and asking for anything he may need. Remember that everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. and just because someone doesnt live their life like you do, it doesnt mean their are not an honast harmless being.Good Luck Bill, safe and happy travel`s :)
Laura and Mike Jennings port carling Ontario


When I called my parents tonite my father told me they had a stranger named BIll spending the night. Apparently he had just showed up at there door in Hockley Valley, riding his bike. Of course my mother being who she is opened the door wide.
When I got off the phone I told my wife and we then discussed the worst case scenario and whether I should be heading over to spend the night.
I then googled "bill riding a bike" and came across this story. I must say I was relieved and called my parents to let them know. Thanks to Google and the Record I will now get a good nights sleep. Best of luck Bill, many grandchildren will be thanking you for the story of the stranger.

christine smith

Billy was at our place last night (march 25) in Hampton, Ontario. A great houseguest with a taste for wine and a lot of stories to tell. We enjoyed getting to know him and hope he has many happy travels.


Just spoke with a friend of mine who lives in Princeton ON (10 miles east of Woodstock) and he said this Bill Parker knocked on his door yesterday, May 6, 2013 and asked him if he could stay in his trailer for the night!!? Also he asked him if he had any booze. He was very demanding. My friend did allow him to stay in his trailer Bill did leave this morning he said he was heading toward Collingwood ON. Kinda scarey even if he is harmless.


Billy spent the night last night (June 1) in my aunt and uncle's tent trailer just outside Milton. He was nice and joined us to watch us eat and then ate on his own in the tent trailer. He knows a lot but speaks in a very disjointed manner. Each sentence is a completely new topic not relating to the last.

Edna Woolley

Bill has made it to Rockwood. As per previous posts, he knocked on the door and asked to pitch his tent. We had our RV in the driveway so we put him up, with a hot meal and shower. It had been raining so he looked pretty worn out. Strange world we live in but also nice to see that someone can just up and travel as their heart pleases. Stay safe and enjoy your travels Bill.


met Billy as he was coming into Stratford from Shakespeare. Only had a Tim's card with me and some change- hope it gave him a coffee. Had an interesting chat, didn't realize he was on such an interesting trip. Nice weather here today and do hope to see him before he bikes on...

Carol Klie

Met Billy in the middle of June.What a story.Put him up in our van for the night.Gave him supper and some food to take with him.He was very polite.Hope he is having a good trip this summer.He was in Cambridge but could be anywhere now.

David krueger

Well He still is in Cambridge. I saw him on the bridge over over the 401 on Franklin. I raced to drop my son of at work so i could catch up with him. He was still the same and told me of few places he has stayed recently. I first meet him about 4 years ago in late October. He was stilling on the hill out in front of where I work. We were a little concerned but instantly were at ease as when he started to tell his story with his big grin. We sent him with a bag of fruit never thinking we would see him again. Now this is the forth time I have seen him. We stopped at the Tim's and had a coffee and made sure he would have some money for lunch. Once again he had a big grin even in today's heat.

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