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February 27, 2009



Sure, i'd definitely rather see the hit&run driver caught too.

but isn't this something that insured drivers have been fighting against our entire insured driving lives? (I know..there are some readers that don't have cars and are not insured...but many readers are also car drivers).

From day one, insurance companies increase rates on drivers based on their demographic. As a male, at one time, i was paying much more for my insurance because of a small percentage of other males that were wreaking havoc and costing the insurance companies money in claims.

So now, because of something like this, we are all going to see increased insurance costs to cover those drivers that decide to leave the scene and not be held accountable.

Sure, it's great that Brian is compensated, but once again we are making all of the innocent, law abiding people pay for it.

There must be another way?

Perhaps adding a few dollars to traffic offenses which would go into a fund which could then be used to pay for instances like Brian's? that way those that 'do the crime' and get charged are paying for those that 'do the crime' but are never caught?


I'd have to say it's about time. Arguing for a further tax on traffic tickets isn't the way to pay. Had this man been driving a car, he would have been reimbersed more quickly, and without court costs.the fact that cyclists and pedestrians are not required to have automotive insurance should not prevent the insurance company from having to pay damages. In BC if I read correctly they have a provincial insurance plan, so it's not a matter of charging the right insurer.

Ofcourse I strongly doubt that the police made any effort to track down the car, after all it was only a cyclist hit.

Tom B.

Seriously ginger...i know it's rough out there for cyclists. But please don't 'assume' anything about the police. Trust me, they do more to help you than you know and don't deserve your off the cuff stupid remarks.

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