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April 23, 2009


Ken Finch

Well I believe all two wheel riders should use helmets. With no protection a human skull can only withstand a 1-2 mph collision. Even riding a tricycle a child rides at about 2-5 mph. I guess the cyclist who chooses not to wear a helmet does not value their brains too much or they are wishing to win some Darwin awards.

Ken Finch


I don't think anyone should have to wear a helmet, not even kids. In the countries where cycling is safest and most popular, no one including kids wears a helmet. Just look at a video like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2n_znwWroGM

The focus should be on creating safer infrastructure (protected from traffic as much as possible), improving driver and cyclist education, and changing the rules to make interactions safer for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. Mandatory helmet laws will just discourage cycling. Making all drivers wear helmets would save far more lives than making cyclists wear helmets. Basketball has about the same number of head injuries as cycling, at least in the US. Should we urge LeBron to put on some proper gear? If our skulls can only stand 1-2 mph collisions, why not wear helmets everywhere we go?

Helmet laws remind me of the North American approach to train safety. We mandate huge trains to withstand collisions, as opposed to other parts of the world that try to reduce the chance of collisions altogether.

Ken Finch

Well if you look at how the bicycle riders ride (especially the bicycle couriers) in Toronto downtown core you would agree to mandated helmet use as well. The cyclists in Toronto plow through stop signs and red lights without even slowing down. They ride along sidewalks illegally ringing their bell and yelling for pedestrian to get out of their way while riding at high speeds. They jump between traffic lanes without signaling a turn (which by law they have to by using hand signals) without even doing a shoulder check at all. Maybe if the police started to crack down on this and other dangerous bicycle behaviour and make bicycle training courses mandatory for every new bicycle purchase (even refresher courses for cyclists who purchase a replacement bicycle) then helmets may not be needed. But the way the majority of bicyclists drive in downtown Toronto is downright dangerous. Yes CAGE driver also are dangerous as well but I am seeing more dangerous cyclists then CAGE drivers in the core of Toronto. Now outside of the Toronto core is different, most bicycle riders are courteous and most of the time follow the traffic laws.

Ken Finch

Ken Finch

New E-Bike only group formed, E-Bikers join up.


Ken Finch

Ann onomus

"they're going to make e-bikes licensed, insured and regulated (just like other motor vehicles)."

this is a quote from the following link


Im not an e-biker and Im only sharing info, if you want to post it up yourself, fine, deleting my msg is silly and petty because I dont want to share my personal info with you and everyone. Im here to help cyclist and give a heads up. Delete this and do a diss-service if you want to. Ive wasted enough of my time helping out.

Ken Finch

Well bicycle and scooter style E-Bikes are here to stay permanently as of October 3rd. 2009. MTO's websites states this. So all the Anti E-Biker evangelists will just have to grin and bare it because we are hear to stay. So lets get along instead of fighting each other.


I am very sorry for Eleanor McMahon's great loss.
That said, the driver of the vehicle who hit her husband did not have a suspended license.
He also did everything he could to help, including calling 911 and remaining with the victim. It was an accident that the driver could neither forsee nor avoid.


The posting from "friend" is correct in that the motorist in the Stobbart death, Michael Dougan, did not have a suspended licence at the time of the fatal accident. My apologies for this error.
Prior to this incident, Dougan had got his licence back after paying off the fines for five convictions for driving with a suspended licence and two convictions of driving with no insurance. And two months after this fatal encounter, Dougan was charged in another Ontario jurisdiction for following too close. The JP in this case called Dougan a "risk taker," whicih I interpret as not the kind of person who you would want in control of a dump truck on a public motorway.

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Bill Bean

  • North America is eventually going to figure out that, for all the right reasons, we need more bicycles on our roads. Dust off your bicycle and go cycling. And if the gas-burning dinosaurs start to crowd you, it's your road and you paid for it. Take the lane for yourself.

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