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January 10, 2010



My eyes water more and my nose runs more when I wear contacts. Always. Probably because my eyes think there are foreign objects in them and tearing is a natural response.


Thanks to Jeff, who actually posted a suggestion in the original Snot Rockets comments thread. I'm just not comfortable in glasses of any type - prescription, sun, etc. when I'm on the bike.

At the best of times, I see the frames in my peripheral vision and I don't need the added vision barrier (OK yes, I could try frameless wraparounds). At the worst of times, they get coated in snow, slush, grime and frost.

So I'll stick with the hanky, and/or Bill Bean's 'launching' method. I've used both and was too polite to mention the latter :-)

But hey - how about this great January biking weather! WooHOO! I was back into my fall clothes today.

Bill: idea for a subsequent post: best ways to arrange and protect one's delicate region (M and F) from chafing.

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Bill Bean

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