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February 08, 2010



It is nice to see a positive story, and I am loving the riding conditions. Despite the lack of snow, I got yelled at by the receptionist at my doctor's office when I arrived in cycling gear for an appointment. Her words - pretty much verbatim: "I *HATE* YOU PEOPLE!! YOU SHOULDN'T RIDE IN THE WINTER - YOU MAKE IT DANGEROUS FOR EVERYONE!!" (Does anyone have a good, short comeback for that? Saying that I ride very safely and stay out of everyone's way doesn't seem to help.)

And there was that recent Record editorial that opined that most everyone drives cars here in KW, and we'd all better just accept that fact because it aint gonna change ...


"Thank you for your words of wisdom. Have a nice day and drive carefully." Delivered with a big smile of course.


How about "If safety for everyone is a concern how about we lower and observe the speed limit."

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