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February 12, 2010



Articles on some skills and street cycling survival techniques may have some aspects that are evergreen, but other articles on posture (a.k.a bike fit and positioning) and training approaches couldn't possibly be. Much as been learned in the last dozen years on these topics.

Personally, I cancelled my subscription to Bicycling Magazine a few years ago and don't miss it. Road Bike Action and Mountain Bike Action are both excellent magazines for technical and all-round content, and the online e-zine RoadBikeRide.com's free weekly newsletter is the best source of current/emerging training tips, new product tests and reviews, and current information on bike fit and positioning that one could ever hope for. Supplement that with a few websites like velonews.com and there's more than enough to keep an avid cyclist or fan educated and entertained through the long winter months!


I picked up a copy of this book at a used bookstore for a couple of dollars. I laughed when I saw it at MEC for sale new, at least for what you paid. I'd pass your complaints along to the mag too, why would the want to be seen as behind-the-times.


Ironic that some of the former Bicycling magazine editors whose work appears in this book are now the brains behind e-zine RoadBikeRide. I wonder if they get any royalties . . . or just have a good laugh when they see this book offered for sale.

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