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March 03, 2010


Darcy Casselman

I'd probably go through the park to Water, then take Water to Ahrens. Ahrens up to Blucher, then either Guelph to Lancaster via the little path at the end of Blucher, or up to Arnold to Lancaster. Then I'd probably take Lancaster just because Riverbend drive is a long, slow incline that's not a lot of fun to bike up. Coming back, I might go that way and take the Guelph underpass.

Evan Rosamond

The obvious route is Queen and Lancaster.
The Queen part isn't the best as there are 2 sections with narrow lanes. I'd suggest Mill St., the footbridge to Benton & Bruder, then Benton and Frederick to Lancaster. I use this route often, and I find the traffic is not as bad as Queen St.
The last time I tried the Guelph St underpass the paving there was very bad. Maybe it's better now. If so, you could get there via Spring Valley Rd, a rather scenic and very low traffic street.
The Guelph/Riverbend route has less traffic than Lancaster, but it is at least a km longer and the hill on it is steeper than the hill on Lancaster.
I often use Lancaster St to get out of town at Bridgeport, and on the section south of Bridgeport Rd, the lanes are wide and the traffic is medium.


Ugh. No. The pavement on that section of Guelph Street was awfully rough last summer, and I doubt it's any better now. There's also a significant valley to go down & then up if you take that underpass (which I have done before, hauling a dog in a trailer).

I would suggest the Lancaster overpass, as it's one of the least-scary ways to get across 85, and was resurfaced last year (or maybe the year before). If running the entire length of Lancaster isn't to your liking, maybe taking Margaret to Union to Lancaster would be better.


Lancaster from Wellington down to King is pretty precarious, in this case with all the people coming off Victoria going to Wellington, and the blind corner off of Queen... but past Wellington I like how Lancaster widens out and is a nice enough ride from there and don't mind crossing over the highway using Lancaster.

Perhaps Queen, St. Leger, Union, Wellington would be the nicest route without going out of the way too much. Or cross over at Margaret to have lights to cross Victoria.

Or how about avoiding queen by going queen, park, water, crossing victoria on duke street, wellington, lancaster (or wellington, st leger, union)

A few interesting options... if you are OK crossing the highway on Lancaster.

Jeff Carter

I've gone through the Guelph St. underpass a few times, and it's been fine--low traffic, wide road. Steep uphill from the underpass to Riverbend, but you can't have everything. :)

How's the traffic on Riverbend north of Guelph? I turn south from there, toward Bingeman's, and that stretch can be a bit of a zoo during rush hour.

Not a lot of alternative routes but, assuming Riverbend is a good route, Margaret-Guelph-Riverbend (with some sort of back-road diddling through downtown to get to Margaret) might be worth a go. It's about 6 km, compared to 5 km for Lancaster-Guelph-Riverbend, or 4 km for the straight shot down Lancaster.


I think I would thread up through Victoria Park to Water Street and cut left onto Duke and take it straight through to Louisa. I would take Louisa and cut left onto St Leger and take it to Guelph Street and then cut left onto Arnold, left onto Oxford and jog to the right to wind up on Bond Street. Then I would turn left on Lancaster and take it across the Expressway to Riverbend.

Commuting to work, I would rather like to avoid the hills on Riverbend and the nasty climb in and out of the Guelph St underpass. The pavement isn't great and traffic on Riverbend can sometimes be less than friendly. Lancaster Street is wider and is generally not too bad heading up to Riverbend. On the way home you would just have to be careful with the off ramp on the expressway.


I have taken this route via Queen to Benton which turns into Frederick then follow Frederick all the way to River Road. Frederick is not too bad to cycle on except at rush hours. Left turn onto River then straight across Victoria Street and walk the bike over the tracks on the pedestrian bridge to the corner of Shirley and Riverbend.



I like using this site for tweaking my commuter routes, and I've always just shot straight out to Lancaster, either Frederick or Queen, or even Water-to-Wellington would be fine. Just remember to take the lane!

Chris Beynon

Not the straightest distance between two points, to be sure...But I tested it this morning and it was pleasurable...

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