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June 23, 2010



30kph? Wow, I'd really wear my brakes out then. Of course, that's only if they change the Highway Traffic Act so that speed limits apply to bicycles. Currently, they only apply to "motor vehicles."


So, cyclists, pump those legs on the downhills!

(But, of course, be safe - be aware of your surroundings, the other people on the road, and the people that might enter the road in front of you).


The problem are not just the speed limits. Have you tried to drive 50 km/h, for example,on River or Strasburg Roads? If we set speed limits at such a low level that drivers can't see the point of obeying them it will be counterproductive unless accompanied with dramatically better enforcement.

Adam Glauser

I think that lower speed limits would be a great idea as long as there were higher speed, controlled access ways (highways, dedicated bus roads, rail, etc.) to connect destinations that are further apart.

Jeff S.

I'd support dropping the speed limit to 50km/h for all roads within the city limits. There's no need to go 60 or 70 inside the city. 40 is fantastic for primarily residential areas.

30km/h is a little low, though. I also exceed 30km/h on a daily basis on my bike, and can hit 45 on the flats. I'm not trying to brag, but surely the speed limit for a car should at least be equivalent to what a human can achieve with their own two legs!


I agree with Adam, lower speeds would be fine in a lot of places. I wonder about what it will take to create a real culture shift away from speed, though. More than signs and infrastructure changes, I'll bet.

Michael D

I'm all for 30 km/h speed limits on urban streets, but the key has to be to design them to be 30 km/h streets. For an example, see the new sections of King Street in downtown. The street itself -- not speed limits -- needs to guide drivers to the appropriate speed.

Bill Miller

You've got to be kidding. Drivers don't pay attention to the speed limits now, what makes you think that a lower limit and "higher enforcement" will do anything?

I think we need to stop "treating" the symptoms and cure the actual problem. I know (and so should you) that the actual problem is that most drivers don't follow most of the rules of the road. Want an interesting trip, follow a local police officer... you'll find most of them don't stop at stop signs anymore than regular drivers. I'm not picking on them, it's just that they are as bad as everyone else is.

The core of the problem is that all drivers over 30 years old were tested ONCE, when they tested to get their drivers license. From that point their skills have degraded. Can you guess how bad the drivers are that just barely passed have gotten?

Lets stop picking on the elderly and make everyone get retested every 5 years. The horrid drivers out there (Canada's Worst Driver anyone?) will lose their license and have some incentive to improve.


This is one thing that has turned me off of moving to the Waterloo region. I noticed that many roads seemed to have fairly high speed limits. I noticed when skimming through StreetView quite a few 60-70kph roads.

Regrettably this is also turning me off of moving to BC (along with their mandatory helmet law). High speeds limits.
However many cities there also have roads that are dedicated cycle routes that have speed limits of around 40.

Here is St Catharines every road within the city is 50k or lower. Once you get out to the more rural parts of the region they go up to 60-90k. Commuter cyclists usually don't have to worry about those parts however.

Montreal has some residential roads that have speed limits of 30k.

I fully support all residential or secondary roads to have a speed limit of 30k and no greater. Nearly all commuter cyclists never top 25k (30 with the wind at their backs), and average between 15-20k.
As for main roads, 50k with bike lanes is what they should be or 40k without bike lanes.

Once you get onto highways in which bikes are not allowed go ahead and go 100 or 120.
But any where bikes and pedestrians are, 50k tops.

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