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June 23, 2010


Chris Mills

Hi Bill - they must keep to a fairly sedate pace if they signal right turns with their right arms - I went over my handlebars doing that, and wasn't even travelling very fast! Luckily, I was wearing my helmet, or my head would have acquired a very chic red-and-grey colour scheme. :-)


Whenever I signal I always use the arm in which the direction I'm going to turn. (ie. right arm out for right turn).

From past experiences of falling off my bike, every time it was my fault. Not once did I come close to hitting my head.

Actually the one time I fell off, my friend said that because of the way I landed a helmet could have ended up doing more damage to my neck.

Perhaps the reason your seeing more helmets riders there is because of all the foreigners there, from countries who think you must wear one.
Even if you look at videos, pictures or news stories not relating to Copenhagenize.com, I see maybe one or two people wearing a helmet.

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Bill Bean

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