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August 03, 2010



I am willing to bet at the end of the year, he could win the "International moron of the year" award.


Good choice for moron of the week, but that crack about gun racks taints the whole post for me. Americans are basically the same as us Canadians and are generally not gun-toting maniacs. Maybe I just have no sense of humor, but I didn't think it was very funny.


Hmmm, maybe the gun rack quip was a cheap shot...


Actually Bill I think the gun rack comment was spot on... I interpreted it not as a shot against Americans collectively but at the general idiocy of people like Dan Maes.


Naw, the gun rack quip was good. The "right to bear arms" is the quintessential example of individual rights and "freedoms" taken to the extreme. Everyone understands. The quip provides good juxtaposition for Maes' quotes.

I was thinking of saying "lighten up" to your detractors, except it then occurred to me that someone spouting this sort of nonsense has been elected by our sub-49th friends before, as president no less! Scary place sometimes!


Gun racks have been put on bicycles for a long time.



Canada has it's share of anti-cycling politicians as well. Watch this clip:


Chris Beynon

Can the Robert Kirsic be next week's moron of the week?... http://thestar.blogs.com/yourcitymycity/2010/08/toronto-needs-to-revisit-cycling-licences.html


AlanM said: "The 'right to bear arms' is the quintessential example of individual rights and "freedoms" taken to the extreme."

What about freedom of speech? Or the right to a jury trial? Right to counsel? Self incrimination? Those are pretty extreme too, considering that most other countries don't have those protections to the same degree as America does (even in the EU and Canada.)

Why pick on gun rights instead of the others, or make quips about gun racks?

I ride a bike because it's healthy, cheap, and fun.

I carry a firearm because I'm much more vulnerable to attack by criminals when I ride a bike (particularly when commuting home at night.

I don't see the two ideas in conflict, but maybe you and Maes do (from opposite sides).

I want you to keep your hands off my firearms, and I want Maes to keep his hands off my bicycle. And maybe if y'all quit sniping at each other we can all get along.


MJS wrote: "Why pick on gun rights instead of the others, or make quips about gun racks?"

I don't know maybe cuz people are stupid with them and they kill people??? Just keep that craziness south of the 49th if you don't mind.



Criminals kill people. Idiots kill people. Blaming the implement used is what might be termed "crazy".

BTW, the most populous parts of Canada are below the 49th. So Nunavut is off limits, but Toronto and Montreal aren't? ;)

Ellen Hunt

It's "The Right to Bare Arms" goldurnit!!

(Seriously. I saw that in a DHS book. Not kidding.)

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