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November 29, 2010



Unfortunately, this would require a wide-band transmitter on the FM broadcast band or a receiver in all cars. The first is illegal and the second would be an uphill battle.

Seems like the right direction though-Cars are the *cause* of so many cycling injuries, so motorists should bear some of the cost of preventing them (which is a different strategy from encouraging cyclists to cover their bodies in polystyrene and reflectors).

Jeff S.

I doubt the FCC or the CRTC will be too pleased about a broad-band mobile radio transmitter that hijacks people's radios. It also wouldn't work if people were listening to a CD, satellite radio or an MP3 player.

Neat idea though!


I should think that road safety for all users would trump listening pleasure?!? I love the idea. Next, someone must invent the Bicycle Force Field - a device that repels (like a large anti-magnet) any other metal object, no matter how fast it's travelling.

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