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December 07, 2010


Scott Piatkowski

Not only am I pinko who rides a bicycle, but I also know more about hockey than Don Cherry.


I could never figure out the appeal of Cherry. What he knows about hockey is what the average person knows.

But in defence of him, if he didn't dress like a clown or raise his voice he would never have had a job on HNIC.

Maybe it's because I'm a Habs fan and hate the leafs & bruins.

Chris Beynon

Clearly, Mr.Cherry is suffering from brain damage due to years of exposure to zamboni fumes...Or was it car exhaust?

Graham Roe

I wore a pink shirt today in support of Cherry's pink slip.

At the end of the day if he can wear a pink suit like that I can be called a 'pinko'.

I was actually embarrassed for Grapes, that speech was unprofessional and rambly and all over the place. Makes me wonder how scripted HNIC is, it took him 5 minutes to get to his point.

Good for a few laughs!


I'm not surprised that you know more about hockey than Cherry, Scott. Many Canadians do. I must say I get rather a charge out of people like Cherry and Ford claiming to be conservatives. I wish they would look at the root of the word and work to conserve our natural resources to conserve social balance and keep a civil tongue in their heads.

Signed - A Disgruntled Red Tory on a bike


On CTV I just saw a blurb of a button company who can't keep up with the orders for pink buttons sporting a bicycle. If you find a source for them, please share! I'm in vancouver but I would wear one in support for my Toronto "biking cousins" ! :))

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