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June 13, 2011


Scott Davey

Hi Bill,

I appreciate your passion for cycling, but to be clear, the amendment I proposed did not *touch* the cycling master plan or it's implementation in any way! It cut only TDM and still increased traffic calming (e.g speed bumps) by 50% instead of 100% but would have saved the city $250,000 in the process.

I know it was confusing, but had my amendment stood, the cycling master plan would have been implemented in the exact same manner it is now, with the same budget and identical staff-support.


Scott, you seemed to be the only one in council who believed that. Mr. Zehr's closing remarks echoed what many of us watching were thinking. If you support this stuff, man up and pay for it. If you don't, admit it.

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Bill Bean

  • North America is eventually going to figure out that, for all the right reasons, we need more bicycles on our roads. Dust off your bicycle and go cycling. And if the gas-burning dinosaurs start to crowd you, it's your road and you paid for it. Take the lane for yourself.

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