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August 13, 2011



What's the signage on the road like? Is there a sign just off the right of that photograph?

Jim Meyer

Is there anything in the Highway Traffic Act about a "bike box"? If use can not be enforced, this may turn out to simply be a hazard to cyclists and motorists alike.
Somewhat like roundabouts.
We really should determine who is coming up with all of these brainwave traffic ideas, then send the culprit back whence they came.


The dashed bike lane line would seem to encourage right-turning drivers to squeeze to the curb and continue on making their right turn. It should be a solid line and I think Portland does well by painting the entire area green and putting STOP HERE in big letters in front of the bike box.

I'm sure the wonderful drivers of this region should have no problems mastering the bike box, sure a few still can't grasp the relatively simple concept a yield sign at the entrance to a roundabout, but still.

It's something, I guess. I'm gonna stick to taking the lane and waiting in queue, it's never been problematic for me before.

Steve Fitzpatrick

It looks stupid to me. My grandmother lives in the building in the background and I go there all the time. (on my bike)I prefer to take the trail between Manulife and Lexington. A better place for an experiment like this might be Erb and Caroline. ( where a cyclist is more likely to get killed) Just my thoughts.


@Jim. There's nothing in the HTA about bike boxes. Some bicycle laws are actually municipal bylaws (such as the sidewalk cycling bylaws). Does make for some confusion in the public mind, and, I'm sure, for the enforcement agencies.


Just tried out the new bike box and found that most motorists made their stop at the first stop line. When it came to allowing me to move into the bike box, one young lady would have hit me for sure. While approaching the bike box on a red light, looking over my shoulder making eye contact signalling my intention to enter the box and she just made her right turn with no stop at all. Glad I didn’t turn into that bike box. Looks like we need signage and education to make things safer for bike box users.


@Jason.There is a sign on a utility pole at the right of the road. Frankly, it is TINY and, amazingly, invites motorists and others to learn about how to use a bike box, by going to the city website!!! (Excuse me, I'll just pull over right here, and check my laptop for wifi capability...)
@Yvon. I feel confident that the vast majority of motorists have no clue what a bike box is, or how to use it. I think the Davenport experiment would benefit from having some city staff there a few days a week, to flag motorists down and give them bike box tips. Either that or a huge flashing sign with instructions. The best lesson is to have more cyclists out, acting like responsible road users, using the infrastructure, so that motorists know they are on a shared facility.


I go past it every day on my way to work. It's hit and miss with drivers.

Mostly, if there's not a bike in it when they approach, they just inch into it up to the bike stop line.


@clasher. I've thought about the dashed lines and in some ways they make sense.

A car who has safely 'merged' into that lane before turning right is less likely to be passed on the right by a cyclist.

Of course, to safely merge into the lane, a driver needs to look for cyclists occupying the lane first.


Sending out newsletters like this one [1] would be a good idea. Heck, the city's even made up a nice one already!

[1] http://www.waterloo.ca/Portals/57ad7180-c5e7-49f5-b282-c6475cdb7ee7/PWS_ROADS_documents/Waterloo_Bike_Box_Flyer_2011_08_04_v2.pdf


I've encountered many cyclists who do not obey the rules of the road. Many times I have witnessed vehicles attempting right turns, only to all of a sudden be passed ON THE RIGHT by a cyclist coming from behind. I've also seen cyclists riding through red lights - because there were no cars in the other lanes. That's not right. And due to these observations I totally disagree with cyclists being given the same right to the road as vehicles.


@ E. Based on the number of motorists I have seen speeding, doing rolling stops through stop signs, running traffic lights, changing lanes without signalling and other road violations, I totally disagree with motorists being given the same right to the road as cyclists!


I tried the bike box a couple times today. Both times the problem was drivers looking left to make their right hand turns and crowding the bike lane. The bike box itself is a good idea but to get there I will take the left turn lane. Davenport has the smoothest bike lane in town for now. Lets get more of them.


Yes Bill, I also feel confident that the vast majority of motorists have no clue what a bike box is, or how to use it. But they should know what a stop line looks like if they have been given the privilege to drive in Ontario or anywhere else in the civilized world. I say, if you can’t drive park it and get a bike. If that doesn’t work for you then take a bus or a cab. Just let the rest of the road users get home to their loved ones safely.


OK Bill, like you said in your first post “ It's worth riding Davenport just to try the bike box.” This is like leading sheep to the slaughterhouse with the drivers we have in our region. I Like the bike box idea, but we need to do something before it becomes a pine box for cyclist that are using it properly. I like your idea of having a group of cyclist and possibly police on bicycles to educate all road users. So what do you think Bill? I’m in you camp here and I’m sure we have others as well.

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