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August 12, 2011



Hopefully it's a step towards a full BIXI style bike program for you guys.

Sure looks like a great bike!
Is the seat locked to the bike? I like the idea that it's adjustable, but it also means it can be removed easily.

Also, do they have any 'step-through' frames? Step-throughs might make it more appealing to women...heck even I ride a partial step-through :p


The seat post has a kick-release to make it more easily adjustable. That rubber tube conceals a cable that will keep the seat and post from walking away. The bikes apparently come in a smaller frame size and a larger frame size. I still had to pop up the seat a bit for me on a larger frame size.


On a hilarious note - these bikes do not have the legal minimum of reflectors. I don't see any reflective tape on the front or rear forks. I don't have reflective tape either, nor does any cyclist that I know of. I think the police do have reflective tape on their bikes, though.


@ damatos. The bikes do have the reflector minimum (one white at front on the basket and one red at the read, on the seat) but not the reflective tape. I posted once on how I could not find that reflective tape in several bike shops I canvassed. One sales guy had blue reflective tape! A fashion statement, I guess.

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