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August 10, 2011


Alan M

The policy statement does a commendable job of summarizing current research relating to the full gamut of cycling issues. Perhaps the one glaring omission is that they don’t provide any summary of bottom line benefits. Various studies have shown that every dollar invested in cycling education, infrastructure and promotion returns anywhere from $5 (health cost reductions from utility cycling as active transportation) to $7 (economic development through cycle tourism, from several studies in various areas) to $11 (England study on total benefits including health and economic activity). While I’m surprised that they didn’t include a summary of this research, the rest of the policy statement is information-dense and compelling.


The OMA Policy Paper 'Enhancing Cycling Safety in Ontario' makes many valid points pertaining to the health benefits as well as the vital measures we need to take to ensure a higher level of safety for Ontario's cyclists. Ontario's budget for improving bicycle infrastructure does, indeed, appear modest and will definitely fall short in attaining adequate bicycling safety standards in this province. I suppose that the budget is a reflection of societal and political priorities at the moment. However, cycling does have many advantages for all - in essence, it presents an individual and societal win-win situation - and I think that it is worth making a case for.

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Bill Bean

  • North America is eventually going to figure out that, for all the right reasons, we need more bicycles on our roads. Dust off your bicycle and go cycling. And if the gas-burning dinosaurs start to crowd you, it's your road and you paid for it. Take the lane for yourself.

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