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December 06, 2011


Rob Mk.2

1. Amen on that one, brother
2. I use insulated work gloves I picked up at K-W surplus for $14. Much cheaper than cycling specific stuff
3. Get a nice helmet liner, it's worth it
4. Can't stand stuff around my face and my glasses steam up. If it's that cold I'll find another way to get around
5. I bought expandable shoe covers from MEC that will go around my combat boots (cost me $25 seven years ago and still going strong) if it is really vile.
6. Lights are an absolute must even during daylight hours. A rechargeable LED system is the way to go with some really bright rear lights like the Planet Bike Superflash. A reflective jacket or tear away reflective vest might be a good idea.
7. No replacement for good wool socks
8. Expensive but worth every penny. Studded tires saved me at least three times last winter. If anything I would go with slightly narrower ones next time.

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Bill Bean

  • North America is eventually going to figure out that, for all the right reasons, we need more bicycles on our roads. Dust off your bicycle and go cycling. And if the gas-burning dinosaurs start to crowd you, it's your road and you paid for it. Take the lane for yourself.

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