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March 18, 2012


David Hendry

Oh my God! Surely you are not suggesting that those death speed machines can be operated without a helmet, and preferably full body armor. Why even though I've never hit my helmet when I fell off my bike and have now gone through 4 that failed from old age rather than impact I know that it is only a matter of time before I'll have the need for one. I don't dare set foot within 10 ft of a bike without a helmet. Otherwise I'm sure to fall over and hit my head on the curb and die.

Although I usually do ride with a helmet I find North America's obsession with safety ridiculous. As long as one person somewhere gets hurt the safety mavins show up screaming for more draconian safety regs. Luckily the world will soon be entirely safe because of this and no one anywhere will ever be hurt doing anything again. Now where is my "taking the garbage out helmet", the pail in the kitchen needs emptying.


I certainly hope, David that you were wearing your keyboard safety equipment when sending this note.


I hope somewhere in these discussions, a BIXI like system is considered. You need something that's easy to opt into.

I know the CAB folk are a bit adverse to BIXI because it uses a credit card. But it probably won't see much success beyond a handful of people in the downtown core who can't afford their own bike, if it mimics the almost invisible UW Yellow Bike program.

Michael D

CAB cannot be a significant part of the transportation system unless it has self-serve access to bikes at a larger number of stations, and with more user-friendly bikes. Last year's program was bicycle access for those who can't afford one, which is great but not going to make a dent in modal share.


I would hazard to guess the helmet requirements here and in virtually every bicycle related event or program are related more to fears about liability rather than safety. For some reason, if someone falls of one of these bikes and hits an unprotected head, somehow intuition says the operators are at fault for not requiring helmets. However, if someone, for instance, falls off some playground equipment or a staircase and hurts an unprotected head, the issue just doesn't come up. I don't know how well this intuition matches up with actual liability -but the OCA/CCA definitely seem to believe it.


Y'all do realise that you can buy a used bike from recycle cycles or heaven's bike shop or any number of people on kijiji for a bit more than the price of a membership to CAB? It'll likely have more than one gear too. I know recycle cycles will let you "IOU" a bike if you can't afford one.

Through hearsay in "the community" I've heard that there were less than 50 members for CAB. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the program was a colossal waste of money.

Bike sharing seems to be a money pit more than anything else, especially in KW. Most of the people I saw riding CA bikes certainly looked well enough off and likely happened to work near or at one of the stations.

Bikes are cheap and most everyone deserves to own their own. I think that's what the LEAF grant should have been spent on, not having bikes for people to ride between cafes.


I agree with some of the comments above. CAB was a great little pilot project, but really wasn't delivering a quality service from my experience as a user. The fact that you had to pick up a bike during business hours was a huge barrier to a functional system. Some locations were only open 8 hours a day, which only gives you a 33% chance to get a bike.

So great if you need a cheap bike, but not something more than 0.01% of people would ever really use. This wasn't really a BikeShare but an experiment in cheap bike rental. I'm sure the working centre was offering a great social service, but this was not a real BikeShare service.

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