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April 04, 2012


Rob (Mk.II)

Slowing down is important not just because of cyclists but also for pedestrians and indeed especially for the unpredictability of fellow motorists. I live at the top of hill with blind curves. Drivers behind me get irritated because I have the temerity to climb the blind curve below the speed limit because half the time there is someone coming at me head on down a blind curve (in my lane in an attempt to get around parked cars) who hasn't bothered to slow down at all.

I think I know what your getting at Bill but the headline of your post is liable to get people's backs up who seem to think that advocating for safer cycling is just for the benefit of the "self-righteous" two wheelers. We need to think of cutting our speed on residential and busy commercial streets not just for the exclusive needs of cyclists but to make our streets safe for everyone.


Rob's on to something: {Pedestrians & Cyclists & Children & Animals} can't speed up; motorists have to slow down.

The excess speed (and that's what it is, excess given the conditions) is obvious when you look a the paint on roads where motor vehicles are going too fast to not cross the yellow or white lines and around Rob's blind curves.

Peter Parker

Great post, Bill. I have to tell myself the same thing.

Potholes help slow me down, but I've seen people drag race from speed bump to speed bump, or from stop sign to stop sign. Sometimes those kinds of obstacles make me frustrated and the "repressed fury" encourages me to speed where I can. I race to catch that green light every time, you know?

What really makes me go fast is the straight-aways - when I can see there are no impediments to me speeding. When visibility is great for blocks away, I feel subconsciously like I'm in total control, and no pedestrians will jump out in front of me, so I go as fast as I can. It's a false feeling, of course, which makes it most dangerous.

I'd love to see some more creative traffic calming measures from the city - small roundabouts with large greenery blocking the view of the road ahead, or just narrowing roads to make me feel like I have less space. That will really slow me down.


Glad to see some other people that drive like "old men" around town. Want to go fast? we spent boatloads of money building highways -use them.

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Bill Bean

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