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April 11, 2012


lagatta à montréal

Probably not pink - and I'm a woman.


"Caught dead", there are only a few, like hot pink or... hot pink.

That said, for me there are only three acceptable colours for a bicycle: silver, black and white. Combinations of those are also fine.


If there was only one bicycle available I would ride it no matter what


I'm a straight guy but I would ride a bubblegum pink or florescent pink bike...Oddly enough, I'd probably stay away from a blue bike...green too (florescent green excepted)...and solid yellow (florescent, once again, excepted)...all my bikes are either black or silver though, so I guess I don't ride bikes that are any colour other than the material they were made from when I'm voting with my wallet.

Peter Parker

Fluorescent colours are back in style (along with everything else from the 80s), so pink works for all genders as long as you have a stylish bike.

An old soft-pink mountain bike, however, is less appealing. =)

Colin MacIntosh

The most popular bike site on the internet happens to be called PINKBIKE! pinkbike.com

Pink was one ofthe hotest colors in cycling last year!


Too cool. Here's the link to the F*ck Cancer Pink Bike. http://www.pinkbike.com/news/Custom-Pink-Intense-951-winner-2012.html

Craig musslman

My ideal bike is pink ad tennis ball green...since it would be completely functional yet hated by everyone. It would be the last one peoplewould steal, and THAT is the only thing that matters.


I wish sometimes one did have colour choice in a desire bike...unless one wants to pay alot more money for a custom colour.

I would not want a black or dark blue bike. That said, I've owned 5 different bikes each coloured: purple, orange & black, silver and brownish-grey. The only ones I really liked colour-wise was silver and orange.


As long as I get a nice, functioning bike it doesn't matter what colour it is :)


I used to drive a cool pink bike but was always laughed at by my sisters cause it was too pink . Blue is my color of choice

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