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May 01, 2012



Having a camera on your bike is a great way to tell your story should you be unable to do so. A rear mounted camera would surely cause approaching motorist to be more careful while passing. Nobody wants to be all over YouTube doing something careless and stupid. Then again, some motorist don’t see the cyclist let alone the rear mounted cam.


Motorist/cyclist suggests the use of a rear mounted camera as a warning to motorists to be more careful. That reminds me of how skunks, wasps, and bees use stripes to warn other animals to be more careful. It does work because the foul sprays and painful stings are seriously threatened.

For us though it would be better if the law seriously stings motorists who injure and kill cyclists and pedestrians. The threat of serious prosecution and responsibility would be effective.

I am suggesting that motorists who kill and injure pedestrians and cyclists should automatically be determined to be at fault and responsible and be made to pay a severe price for their carelessness and lack of attention at the wheel. This does work, at least it did in Edmonton forty years back where motorists were automatically at fault if they hit a pedestrian. Pedestrians were quite visible to them. For me back then it was quite unexpected how the cars on both sides of the Edmonton streets and avenues would stop to let pedestrians cross if they looked looked like they might cross. I asked people why they behaved that way and was told that even if the pedestrian deliberately threw himself under the wheels of the car the motorist was at fault.

Is such enforcement of the law unreasonable? Who if not the motorist is responsible for the safe piloting of the vehicle that they drive?

If the motorist is automatically at fault when a pedestrian or cyclist is hit then I would suggest that the cameras could be mounted facing forward on cars so that the responsible drivers will have some evidence to use in their defense when they were driving safely and could not reasonably have anticipated or avoided the accident.

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