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June 18, 2012



When I read that part in the report, I wasn't quite sure what to make of it, and still am unsure.

I have no issue if the government wants to encourage or promote helmet use (so long as it's not done in a way to put fear into people).
I personally don't wear one but don't begrudge those who do.
Making it law is where I take issue.

Listening to 1010AM this afternoon, the host said a few times "I don't know why anyone would be against a helmet law".

I hope the government looks to CYCLISTS in part of any evaluation. Far too many non-cyclists speak in favour of helmet laws despite it not effecting them.
It would be as if I actively encouraged seat belts despite not driving or being in a car for close to 5 years.

Side note, I'd like to thank-you Bill for posting the link to the report (in your previous post)!


I've always worn a helmet (cracked a couple too), tell other adults it's their choice, and also told riders they must wear one to join our group rides.

However, I'm coming to the view that all too often discussion on important issues, such as the other 13 recommendations, gets waylaid by the media-fueled and very polarized debate on helmets.

I'm now of the opinion that we need this issue off the table if we're going to make real progress. This is one we can accept in the larger picture of what needs to be accomplished. If we continue to spend time and energy on helmets, we do ourselves a disservice in the long run.

So let's change the conversation. Let's all agree to the helmet recommendation, however it plays out, and move on to more substantive issues.


According to the coroner's own statements, the intent is not to study the effects of helmet laws from elsewhere, but to implement the law first and evaluate what happens: “Let’s evaluate it,” he said. “Let’s see if it really does have an impact, instead of relying on inconclusive and flawed data from other jurisdictions.” (http://www.thestar.com/news/article/1216307--mandatory-bike-helmet-laws-are-other-cities-hitting-the-brakes?bn=1) This. Is. Bad.

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