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June 20, 2012



I noticed the sentences. I just fear they're too easy to ignore, much like the rest of the report has been.


Part of the reason helmets have been a hot topic with cyclists, is this is something the media has been focusing on...

Local radio host talked ONLY helmets. Fortunately about 98% of of the callers were against a law. Many were not cyclists, others were cyclists who in fact did wear them.

I believe the side guard debate was already shot down.

The paved shoulders, I believe a member of the PC party (Parry Sound I believe) put forth a private members bill a few years ago on that very issue...Liberals said no.

Frank Xavier

Bill, I agree with you 100%. Getting lost in the nonsense of anti-helmet/personal rights infringement is a complete waste. Do focus on the constructive recommendations. At minimum, I would love to see a PR program that emphasized the fact that we are all the same humans on the road. Mutual respect is critical, let’s promote this idea.

On Helmets, I still have my motorcycle rating on my license. Once upon a time before the motorcycle helmet laws, I road raced bikes and saw the carnage of road riding motorcyclists dying unnecessarily. Over the years I have had my share of bicycling accidents, usually related to going around corners on the limit and encountering gravel. Amazing how well bicycle helmets do their job when you clunk your noggin on the road at low speed. I for one would not be without my helmet and am fully aware of how useless it would be in saving my life in a higher speed collision. I don't want to be rendered a vegetable for want of a helmet in a slow lowside crash..

Bruce Hawkings

Bill, the link to the corners report is not working.


@Bruce I'm in transit. Will fix the link ASAP.

Peter Parker

I agree completely, Bill.

Because I haven't seen any paid journalists comparing the two, I want to point out the recommendations from the 1998 Coroner's report, "A Report on Cycling Fatalities in Toronto 1986-1996"

I don't have the full report, but I found an editorialized synopsis (http://www.vehicularcyclist.com/coroner.html) which lists the following recommendations:

- Improve collision data reporting, collection and analysis
- Collision prevention [is to be achieved] through:
-- cyclist education,
-- law enforcement against both motorists and cyclists [at the moment, virtually all traffic law enforcement is aimed at motorists], and
--- identification of problem sites and improvement in their road design.
- Promotion of helmet use
- Increased cycling content in publications and driver programs required
- Establish a highway traffic law review process
- Development of bicycle routes and bicycle lanes to enhance bicycle safety
- Side guards for trucks

It's hard to say because these don't give full detail, but they're a heck of a lot of overlap with the new report. Maybe the new report gives more specific recommendations which will lend themselves more easily to lobbying? The 3-foot rule and paving shoulders are definitely new.

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