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July 31, 2012



It's not a bell per-se, but if noise is the goal, you can't go wrong with a 120 dB compressed air horn:

Refillable with a regular Schraeder bike pump, and works great in winter. My main caution (other than use with care when approaching pedestrians and fellow cyclists from behind) is that the temptation to use this thing is awful. You start hoping cars start driving dangerously around you, just so you can have the satisfaction of sounding it.

Bruce H

This may not be a bell, but it sure is loud, 115db according to the internet!



Kevin Love

The two-tone "Ding-Dong" bell that came as factory standard equipment is the loudest (and nicest sounding) bell I`ve ever come across.

There`s some scientific evidence to back up this assertion at:


Kevin Love

That should be "factory standard equipment on my Pashley"


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