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August 01, 2012


Phil Hiems

A great metaphor for how the Olympics are really about spectator sports not about participatory sports.

When Canadian government chose to invest huge amounts of money so that we can "own the podium" at the same time that they cut financial support for recreational sports, they showed they would prefer that we spend the winter watching hockey on TV rather than playing shinny at the local rink.

"Get out of our way, cyclist, we have sports to watch!"


Perhaps your comment is somewhat harsh given the situation, Phil.

From a careful read of this and other accounts, it seems the cyclist attempted to pass a left turning bus on the left. (While a smarter cyclist held back and watched it happen.) This is the same as a cyclists here coming up to an intersection and passing on the right of a motorist about to make a right turn. This runs counter to defensive cycling practices.

In any event, @#$%^ happens sometimes despite the best of intentions and defensive tactics. In the end, a life is lost and nobody should have to pay that price, and that's sad.

Phil Hiems


Well, a driver was arrested on the scene "on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving" which rarely happens in Canada, so I should give credit where credit is due.

And whereas the head of the British Olympic Association responded by blaming the victim and calling for mandatory helmets, the London mayor argued that was a bad idea.

Accidents happen, Alan, but deaths caused by lack of proper cycling infrastructure are not accidents - they're inevitabilities.

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And whereas the head of the British Olympic Association responded by blaming the victim and calling for mandatory helmets, the London mayor argued that was a bad idea.


London is one helluva confusing city when it comes to cycling. I've talked to plenty who say they've have few or no issues, while others have had nothing but issues. Perhaps it depends on where in London. West and Central seem fine. North is mixed, while East and South are fairly poor.

For a city whose mayor rides practically everywhere, little seems to have been done to improve safety. And I'll admit I'm a Boris fan.

One of England's problems is they suffer from the "cyclists don't pay road tax" syndrome.

@Rolex, I believe the call for mandatory helmets was from their Gold medallist in cycling.


Maybe the cyclist did not see a signal and assumed it was ok carry on. In any event, it is the responsibility of the bus driver to check his mirror before any turn. A young man died because a professional bus driver made a mistake. Why don't we teach people to drive properly rather then look for Band-Aid solutions like helmet laws.

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