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September 18, 2012



Hmmm. I've been riding the whole time and have not noticed any appreciable change over that long time, but in recent weeks I have sensed a little more agression. I think the rush hours are a little more cranky thanks to kids (and their associated rides all over the place) being back in school. All those kids should be riding their bikes! The nearly empty school bike racks make me sad.


I'm thinking it may be the long layoff.

Or as the cycle chic folks may claim, 'you should dress more human and less cyclo-alien'.

btw - Great question and I'm curious to what other observances you'll be making.

David Hendry

I think that our society always sings towards the behavior displayed by the leaders. Unfortunately we have now watched Harper and his cronies show us that winning at any cost is the most important thing, that me first is the way to go in all endeavours so the idea of waiting a few seconds for a safe place to pass a cyclist is anathema. The fact that this might cause the death or severe injury to the cyclist is less important than getting to the next red light 7 seconds sooner than otherwise.


No, nothing has changed on the road, you have just been away from it long enough that you are noticing it.

Welcome to the intimidation that keeps so many people from riding.


I noticed it. but it just might be that car traffic is became heavier.


With University back, I have encountered more people passing closer then usual. It tends to be out of towners.
Most locals are leaving more space then before however.

Speeding has become an epidemic in the city this year. Niagara already has more road fatalities at this point compared to all of last year.

Rob (Mk.2)

Based on my experience Bill I think your observation is accurate. There was a couple of months of peace after Barrie Conrod was tragically killed. But in the last month, I was buzzed by a someone rushing to get to the church at the end of my street, a woman used her Honda Civic as a weapon to force a friend of mine into the door zone on King Street in uptown Waterloo. And I was hit on my bike by a driver at the roundabout at Homer Watson and Block Line. Then I got a lecture from the idiot driver who hadn't grasped the basic idea that no, you can't make a right turn from the left lane. The police were worse than useless.


Well, Bill, I was back in Waterloo for a visit this summer and got some rides in. I think it was two years since the last riding in that area. My observation is that, generally, motorists' behaviour towards cyclists, especially in the countryside, is way less tolerant than two years ago, and now pretty much indistinguishable from the 905 belt. My observations weren't skewed by being off the bike as I still ride as much as I ever did.


Not much has changed Bill, except this. I was impressed by this 30 something lady today. She was riding her Raleigh Bike down Ainslee St north across the delta onto Hespeler Rd. She had what looked like a homemade rear child seat and a front basket on her bike. I could not believe the respect she was given by motorist in 5 o'clock traffic. This lady was not wearing a helmet and was dressed like an every day person. I tend to agree with Graham on the way you dress. Makes me want to hook up my child trailer and pull it along everywhere I go.

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