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September 21, 2012


Albert Jhon

I use it now as a motorcycle backpack. It been thru tropical storm at 60mph and still keep everything inside dry and nice. It's always served me well been a great buy



j.c. beynon

As a former bike messenger, I can tell you that messenger bags are one of the worst possible ways to carry gear on a bike from an anatomical point of view...

Of all the messenger bags out there, Timbuk's bags are some of the worst going...Because messenger bags don't distribute weight evenly, they twist your spine and can lead to neck and lower back issues...

I'm still dealing with the effects of carrying one every day on the job and it's been over a decade since I carried packages for money...

The reason bike messengers use those bags rather than backpacks is they can swing the bags around to access their contents without removing them...They need that because they have to access their bags dozens of times in a day and time is a factor...

If you're not going into your bag more than a dozen times a day on a regular basis, you don't need a messenger bag and you shouldn't use one...

Timbuk uses a very unsophisticated shoulder strap with negligible padding...It digs into your neck and twists your spine...if you use it enough, it WILL injure you...

If you really MUST have that messenger look get a REAL messenger bag from PAC or PUSH the Envelope because they're much more ergonomically designed (and more waterproof and durable too)...

If you can set aside fashion, you're way better off with a cycling specific backpack that will center the weight and distribute it evenly...

Besides, messenger bags are more or less played out.

j.c. beynon

BTW, the Napoleon pocket is there so you can access things like your keys, your bike lights, or your wallet without opening the bag up...it's a handy feature if you're out in the rain and you don't want to get the contents of your bag wet when you access those items.


Re the Napoleon pocket: Still not convinced it is useful. If I were to, say, stuff my keys and BlackBerry in that pocket, and then were to open it while riding, I can easily imagine some of all of the contents sliding out that side zip and hitting the road.

j.c. beynon

The napoleon pocket isn't meant to be opened while you're riding...you have to swing your bag around to use it which is a pretty advanced maneuver while riding...it's just meant to be a pocket you use to access small items while stopped without opening the rest of the bag...It's actually a pretty smart idea for people who ride in bad weather and don't want to grab their phone or keys without getting the rest of their gear wet...Messenger bags are lined with truck tarp which is completely waterproof...Any water that gets in will pool in the bottom and could potentially wreck any documents or electronics you might have in your bags' main compartment...Of course, if you're not riding in the rain or snow, it is a pretty useless pocket.

I think Timbuk still makes a smartphone pouch that attaches to the bag's strap at around chest level if you want to access your phone while riding...You'd probably be safer mounting your phone on your bars with one of the eight jillion smartphone holders out there these days...

I am actually not a total Timbuk hater...IMHO they make the best seat bag out there...It's tough, it holds a lot of stuff without being bulky, it mounts securely with velcro straps yet it's quick and easy to install and remove.

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